Juan David Aristizábal

Foto: WEF 2019

Foto: WEF 2019

Founder and President, Los Zúper, a non-profit organization equipping young people with the skills needed in the 21st century. Los Zúper combines media, filmmaking, tech and real-world events to build its education network with thousands of students.

Aristizabal is also Lecturer in Leadership and Public Affairs, CESA Business School. He is an Ashoka Fellow. Author of “Todos podemos cambiar el mundo”.Recognized in Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs”.

Now working to expand Los Zuper’s presence in Latin America with the aim to bring its teachers, tech and programmes into several national schooling systems and into companies in the region within the next few years.

He is the Founder of Todos por La Educación, a social movement in Colombia dedicated to pushing the government to prepare people for the new roles and jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

He is also Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Cumbre, a website platform dedicated to strengthening the link network soft skills education and employment.

The Mission

Aristizabal is determined to push humanity forward by empowering students to use their talents and current technology to unleash their fullest potential – using education.

Wants to revolutionize education in Latin America and fill the education gap by providing transformational and holistic learning for all levels – by building successful multimedia initiatives, education platforms and online academies.


For speaking engagements, please contact me at juan@loszuper.org

One of the great and unexpected privileges of writing books is the opportunity to take that message directly to large groups of people and discuss the ideas in person, in depth.